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Updated: Mar 23, 2021

If you purchased your home last year and have not already done so, remember to file for a homestead exemption. Homestead exemptions lower the amount of home value you're taxed on, and save money every year you live in your home. While some states provide this exemption automatically, in Texas a homestead exemption must be applied for. Depending on the county, this can be done online, by fax, by mail or in person. You only have to apply for the exemption once. The exemption remains as long as you reside in the home as your primary residence.

A Homestead Exemption provides more than just a tax break. It also provides two important protections. It prevents the forced sale of a home to meet the demands of creditors and provides the surviving spouse with shelter.

Find your county below for information on how to file.

Llano County


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