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We are absolutely delighted to share the exciting news of Andrea Beesley's addition to the Fore Family as our newest Realtor Associate!

Andrea comes to us with an unwavering passion for the great outdoors and a discerning eye for photography, making her not just a talented Real Estate Agent but also a creative spirit capable of capturing the inherent beauty in every home. What sets Andrea apart is her unique ability to infuse a creative touch into her real estate endeavors, bringing a fresh and innovative perspective to the table. Andrea's knack for scouting the perfect home is matched only by her talent for framing picturesque landscapes, creating a harmonious blend of creativity and expertise. We are confident that her distinctive approach will contribute significantly to our collective success.

Please join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter for Andrea and the unique brilliance that she is sure to bring to our team. Welcome home, Andrea!

You can learn more about Andrea B. here ~


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