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We are delighted to shine a spotlight on one of our standout Broker Associates, Andrea Oneal, who has been named the Top Producer in Dollar Volume for December, achieving an impressive milestone by executing transactions totaling an outstanding $1,168,780 in dollar volume.

Andrea's remarkable accomplishment not only showcases her exceptional prowess in the real estate arena but also highlights her unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to her clients. She demonstrates unparalleled skill and expertise, navigating the intricacies of real estate transactions with finesse and precision.

What truly distinguishes Andrea is her proficiency in sealing substantial deals and her active involvement and positive impact within our community. Beyond the boardrooms and property listings, she is an inspiration to her peers, clients, and the community at large. Andrea understands the importance of giving back and actively participating in the community she serves.

Congratulations, Andrea, on this well-deserved recognition. Her hard work, dedication, and positive attitude serve as a shining example to us all, and we are proud she is a part of our team.

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